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The Pilot project for Satellite Broadband Internet Access for getting Educational Multimedia Content to Unconnected Schools

We would like to ask you to:

  • allow the consortium to access information (or provide it in some other way) about primary andcsecondary schools in the EU area that do not have access to a high-speed broadband network, or have only very limited connectivity due to a lack of appropriate telecommunications infrastructure;
  • convey the following information about the project to local authorities (the managing authorities of schools in the area) so they can be advised about the project, and also indicate which schools may be interested in participating in this project

We would like to underline that all the costs involved in being connected within the project’s framework will be fully covered by the project’s funds (the project is financed by the European Commission). In order to start the project, we have to present a preliminary list of schools by March the 10, 2020, at the latest;

So we would ask all interested parties to contact us at https://www.softcream.pl/en/sat4edu-check-in/

Please find the SAT4EDU project leaflet enclosed.

Consortium Sat4Edu, SoftCream Software, APPCO Foundation